dark_tales (dark_tales) wrote in darkepics,

Spead The Darkness

Hi ^_^
My Name Is Lord Sebastian,
hailing from the French Province of Quebec.

I am immortal and i will make music forever, because my words are not beautiful,
and i will never be a good writer. I have tried to make poetry from my evil heart but alas,
It is not up to what i had in my soul.

what i wanted to tell you, only my music can. I have many mp3 on my website and i am making music about medieval war, sorcery, pagan, druids, and of course MUSIC ABOUT BLOOD AND VAMPIRES.
I want to tell the world i am here and i want my eerie sounds to hunt your night.
Hope you will visit my humble journal, hope you will kiss my soul and drink my blood.
Enjoy my work, I did it for you, who love the vampires and so much more.

This is my latest offering, i began working on it in june. It is the third album i have made this year.
I hope you will help a true vampires lover spray the darkness on this world. Together we shall make this world more sinister and gray. Every drop of blood make the divine album closer. I need you to help me.
Embrace my work and tell your friends, something evil is coming from the spiked coffin of damnation.
Dark Tales is awakening.
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*scractches chin*....
welll...then i guess it's a good thing i'm a Vampire-Slayer, isn't it?
You have found your foe.
*looking at him in a very evil way*
The sample sounded pretty good. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Hope you will get the album,
it is far beyond the sample.
Or i would even dare selling it.
I need to seel albums to eat while i make those albums.
I made 3 albumd these years , with no support of anykind.
Please, spread the darkness.
Lord Sebastian.
I want the music!!!!!!!!! Hell I want EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fucking LOVE vampires and all that bloody goodness Gimme gimme gimme Please!!!!!! I'll be waiting for your reply.
You are welcome to my journal dear alice.
Fear not, i shall not drink too much from your blood ^_^
Then on my humble journal, ...
Look carefully for a link , a magical gate that will lead you
to my humble castle. There , if you read very carefully,
You will dicover red trails of blood and red link that are free mp3 of my 6 almbums. Then you can see for yourself if my new album is for you.
My old albums are not bad. But this one, is the best vampire album you will find this year. That is until i make another one ^_^

*kissing her hand gently and hugging her very hard*
Please, have a good day my love,
Your humble,
Lord Sebastian.
Dear Lord Sebastian,
Thank you for the Link ^_^
Although I could not listen to all the tracks,
I will be putting in an order for one or more albums depending on how much I get paid and how much I have left after I pay a few bills, But I promise you this I will be ordering a few ^_^
Thank you very much once again.

*Gives kiss on cheeck*
Have a wicked day,