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Star Bug

Introducing myself

Hello, all. I'm Shan. I came across this community as I was looking for a spot where I could possibly get some intrest for my IC blog, which features a vampire character. I just started it, so anyone who wishes to go look, and possibly friend, won't have to slog through months of posts. If I have any rules, they would be this: It's in character, and a work of fiction. I take it seriously in that I enjoy doing it, and plan to continue, but I know the difference between reality and fantasy. My replies in said journal will be as Teague, unless I make a preface about being out of character. I do not mind, and in fact encourage any of you to reply in character as well. Teague would not, and therefor I would not tolerate irrelevant flaming. Teague is not connected to any particular Roll Playing world, like World of Darkness, or Buffy, or Laural K. Hamillton, but I'm not going to quibble if your character is. I like all those worlds, and most of them have crossover potential.

Anyway, the link is here:

Thanks all.
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