Anger in Solace (blautsauger) wrote in darkepics,
Anger in Solace

A trade maybe?

I am getting ready to gear up a V:TM game and my setting is Seattle. I have built it up a bit darker and more paranoid than the real Seattle, but at one time, I will have my characters go to other cities. I am specifically looking for anybody who has built a Denver, as I really don't want to use the city from the book. I am willing to send a copy of my Seattle to anybody who has a Denver. Also, I might be inteerested in other cities as well. If anybody can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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David runs a game here in town, I told you about it. He has also run games using Denver as a base, from a small town in Wyoming just on the border to Colorado. You should talk to him. He's a very experienced ST.
Aww, thanks for the fanfare babe *s*..i don't so much have a 'model' for Denver though, i used the city itself for the live action larp and then i updated it for the futuristic vampire game
Well, I was thinking that you would be more of a valuable resource as far as knowledge of the Denver area and as far as your years of experience as an ST.
Starting a Chronicle in Seattle? I'd love to play in that city. You play on AOL or the web?
Actually, I am doing table top, but if you have a Denver for me, I will send you a copy of my Seattle.